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Disinfection services

Safe spaces free from bacteria & viruses, including the novel COVID-19

Our Disinfection Service thoroughly eliminates viruses, including COVID-19, existing in the surfaces of your home, business, or public space.

Clean Clan's 3-Phase Disinfection Methodology follows guidelines from the CDC, using scientifically proven technologies and powerful—yet biodegradable—disinfectants to create safe spaces.


Complete virus elimination

Rigorous disinfection methodology

Clean Clan's disinfection methodology is comprised of rigorous processes to ensure germs, bacteria, and viruses are completely destroyed.


Our 3-Phase Disinfection Methodology combines formal processes, technology, and powerful yet safe biodegradable disinfectants.

Clean Clan 3-Phase Disinfection Methodolody


Phase 1

Integral Cleaning

Superficial particles are removed from the space through an integral cleaning using the traditional Clean Clan Cleaning Methodology.

Phase 2

Electrostatic Surface Disinfection

All surfaces in your space are treated with EPA approved disinfectants that are electrostatically charged and sprayed, eliminating all viruses and germs.

Phase 3

Targeted Area Disinfection

Targeted disinfection of high-touch areas that represent increased risk of contagion.

State-of-the-art technology

Electrostatic Technology for safety and results

Electrostatically Charged Aerosol Decontamination (ECAD) technology has been scientifically proven by the EPA to provide more effective disinfection of spaces. The result? Safer spaces, faster and more effective disinfection, and lower costs.


All of our disinfection equipment are equipped with Electrostatically Charged Aerosol Decontamination Technology.

Proof ECAD.png

Our cleaning chemicals, certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency to kill COVID-19 under their List N, are safe for people, for animals, for food, and for the environment.


As such, our chemical disinfectants are ideal for spaces with the highest safety standards, including restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold

Removes allergens, including dust mite matter, cat dander, dog dander

Non-abrasive and non-corrosive


Cleans and disinfects without bleaching

Free from chlorine and phosphates

Eliminate COVID-19 with safe, biodegradable disinfectants

Powerful yet safe chemicals

virus icon.png

Eliminates Human Coronavirus

check icon.png

Certified by the EPA under the List N

health icon.png

Safe, non-abrasive, non-corrosive

food icon.png

Biodegradable and safe for food contact

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